Donnerstag, Juni 11, 2009

Animal Pants

Thanks for your nice comments, although I´ve been absent blogging for quite a long time.This week my first picture book ever arrived. Hardcover and paperback. It was a very good feeling holding them in my hands and I am looking forward to getting the next ones.

At the moment I am busy with a little booklet and painting book for the company HARTMANN and new Wimmelposter for Verlag a. d. Ruhr. Next week I will start a new job (wooden toys) for Regnitz Werkstätten Erlangen. And I decided to go on vacation in August.

So, now you are up-to-date again and hopefully I will blog more often in the near future.


Christiane hat gesagt…

Yay, an update! Congrats on the books!
Have a great summer,

Lawendula hat gesagt…

Sieht lustig aus, zeig doch noch mal nen paar Bilder von innen.
LG LaWendel