Freitag, April 25, 2008

I am back

Last weeks I moved my studio – it was a lot of work – and I have some great jobs. I´m looking forward to showing you some new stuff. My studio has a lot of space and huge windows – it´s very bright. When I will have finished doing it up, I´ll post some photos of it. Above you can see sketches for a special monster postcard I´ve been working on.

Best wishes to all and thanks for your comments. Love, Anja


zime hat gesagt…

Hey is good to hear news from you!!! Congratulations for the new studio!!!

Chickengirl hat gesagt…

welcome back, anja, we missed you here in the blog world!

Can't wait to see the new studio.

Christiane hat gesagt…

Hey, welcome back to blogging! You've been gone a long time.
How's the new studio?

Màriam hat gesagt…

Good luck in our new studio! These sketches are beautiful!!! Love the monster

best whishes!

natascha hat gesagt…

New studio?! What a great new!! Yes yes photos plese!

Adelaida hat gesagt…

Can't wait to see those photos of your studio ^^