Samstag, Dezember 01, 2007


First I want to apologize that I haven´t written any comments for weeks ... but I´m going to catch up on later. I´m almost ready with my job I was working on and I hope I´ll still have the time to draw some christmas cards or tags.

Plans: I want to make some new felt characters. I haven`t sewn since christmas - I hope I haven´t forgotten how to do it - and I intent to renew my website and to have an etsy-shop. We´ll see.

Besides: I had a lot of fun with my old schoolmates Silli, Melli and Kerstin (we baked christmas cookies together). And I enjoyed teaching. I gave lessons to children (at a age of 6-10) and (that´s new) young adults that want to study graphic design/illustration ...

And I´m looking forward to ice-skating. Best wishes to all! Anja.


Christiane hat gesagt…

Teaching! How funny, I just thought about getting into teaching kids art lessons yesterday. How was it?

Chickengirl hat gesagt…

and etsy shop would be awesome! Oh and teaching kids design and fun!

Natalie hat gesagt…

So eine Überraschung, Anja! Wann hast Du denn die Oberteile bedrucken lassen? Wie, wo, vieviel kostet es, usw.?
Der Druck mit dem Herz und den beiden Vögelchen ist der Renner!
Schöne Geschenke, Anja. Dafür werden die Kinder dich lieben.

LG, Natalie