Dienstag, April 24, 2007


Today I had a wonderful time. Although the weather was as good as the last days I enjoyed staying at home. I have got a very lovely new job and today I feel happy about being an illustrator.


Natalie hat gesagt…

Weniger Kinderillus, würde ich sagen und auch weniger Acrylbilder.
Eher die individuellen, originellen Illustrationen, z.B:
- Grille im Tee
- Uhu und Hahn
- IF "Change"
- Monster im Klo
- IF "Green" könnte auch was sein


Christiane hat gesagt…

Great news!
I got the same shoes in white...
are those daisies you're standing in real?

Anja hat gesagt…

The daisies are real. I took that picture on my daily walk. I got chucks in white (Ocker) too. I love them, but this summer everybody is wearing them (in Germany). Believe me: everybody!

I haven´t known the poo book ...

Katrine K hat gesagt…

I am so glad you`ve got a lovely new job..!
And it`s nice to see a grown-up picture of you!

Switchsky hat gesagt…

I took a picture of my sneakered feet today too!!..only no flowers..yet..

Chickengirl hat gesagt…

Happy Spring! Its a great feeling, isn't it- to get a new job. Happy for you!