Donnerstag, Februar 01, 2007

I have been tagged

by Sonia. Thank you. In order to get more instructions please visit Sonias blog.

My 6 weird things:

1. I always/only drink coca-cola light (diet coke). I know it´s not very healthy, but I´m addicted to it.

2. I have seen "When Harry met Sally" and "Manhattan Murder Mystery" more than 200 times. Well, I think it´s because both films are taking place in New York... I hope I will be able to visit this city in the future.

3. When I spent my holidays in Italy in 2001 I ate Spaghetti Bolognese almost all (14) days.

4. I´m absolutely crazy about effervescent/fizzy (?) bonbons (Brausebonbons). I can´t stop eating them until I get ill.

5. I often imagine how it would be to meet an actor I adore. At the moment I´m dreaming of Jake Gyllenhaal.

6. I love dogs, but I can´t have my own one. That´s why I bought myself a stuffed dog in the supermarket. His father was a basset and his mother a beagle. Because of his British ancestors I wanted to give him a royal name: Harry (prince Harry). He is a wonderful dog and is now sleeping in our bed between me and my husband.

I´m tagging: Katrine, Christiane, Jannie, Natascha, Natalie and Isabel.


Christiane hat gesagt…

I do agree with number 5!!:o)

Chickengirl hat gesagt…

Sounds like we are the same with #6- except I have a wonderful stuffed chicken named Mr. Chicken!

ahhh I'm tagged- thanks for the love :-)

Katrine K hat gesagt…

I think I can eat spaghetti bolognese for 14 days too...!
I am tagged, thanks!