Donnerstag, November 02, 2006

First snow-flakes

We had such a beautiful warm october and today it´s so cold and it started to snow... perfect weather for making christmas cards. This picture was taken in my kitchen with a view to the backyard.


coloribus hat gesagt…

you're right, that's a perfect weather to make christmas cards ;o)
This snow, on this small roof, appear like icing sugar on a chocolate cake... miam!

Katrine K hat gesagt…

You have a nice view from your window. We also got snow two days ago, october was warm and now it`s freezing cold! Yes, it`s time for candle-light christmas card!

La Trollette hat gesagt…

I love snow so much ! I'm jalous !
I hope we'll have some in Paris this year... for the moment, it's getting cold and the sun shines in a bright blue sky...
I think the only icing I'll see will be cake-icing for the moment !
Nice view.

.lafabe. hat gesagt…

The snow already falls home !
Brrrrr ... It's soon Christmas time !!! ^_^