Samstag, Oktober 21, 2006


Soon it will be Halloween. Huuhuu... I don´t even know about the exact date. I´m german and in Germany there is no Halloween-tradition. Today you can buy some Halloween candies (left). I bought them for the children of my kids-painting-class. They are crazy about them. But eating it doesn´t make me feel halloween-y.
Whatever I saw some very funny and spooky illos, e.g. on Jannie´s and Tricia´s Blogs and there is a Halloween contest Black&Orange... so watch it!
By the way is it on or at a Blog?

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Katrine K hat gesagt…

I think halloween is on the 31. of October..?
And I think perhaps you say on a blog, but I am not sure!!
What a nice thing to do, give the kids chocolates!