Dienstag, August 22, 2006


I am still having difficulties in uploading my illos! Do you also have this problem?


irisz hat gesagt…

hi Anja,

i have problems with uploading pictures very often, i guess the system is overloaded a bit. But don't give it up!!

Tamsin Ainslie hat gesagt…

I've had problems uploading for a few days - I can't upload using safari at the moment, but I can when I use Firefox.
I hadn't seen your match illo - love it!

Anja hat gesagt…

Very good advice. Thank you.

Jules Knoblock hat gesagt…

Most people have flicker accounts then link the pic back, I think. Though don't quote me on that! I'm gonna get one because I've been having problems too. Not today though- must walk the dogs and clean the house..
I love this octopus, he looks stupidly happy :)